Friday, 2 October 2009

How did you get in my life?

Our sewing room is never dull. Get a group of girls together and the giggles follow and with it our own vocabulary and the evolution of ‘Phrase of the Week’.

This week Amy was fighting a losing battle with a particularly persistent piece of thread. It followed her everywhere and no matter how many times she thought she’d got rid of it she found it stuck to her in some new ingenious way... to which she was compelled to ask it:

How did you get in my life?’

Well that was it; from then on any slightly irksome incident was greeted with our new phrase of the week - ‘How did you get in my life?’, which is fine when you’re asking the spider that’s crawling over the table or the piece of double sided sticky tape that you’ve found stuck to your elbow... not so well received when you get carried away and ask your husband... oops! Thankfully he laughed - he knows what we’re like.

It’s not all laughs at Silver Lining though. It’s been a sad week. Kim has gone back to uni and we already miss her. We’ve started a countdown until she returns at Christmas...

These rambling make is sound like we don’t do much but sit around laughing and lamenting the absence of our friend. I assure you we’re hard at work ALL the time... see, even after a long day at work we sit around the table to sew patches onto leather jackets, which is actually quite hard! (This is where the spider and sticky tape came in...yikes! That sounds like the spider met a sticky end, but I assure you he is still alive and well).

I bent my big sturdy needle and Rachel wore a hole in her nail pushing the needle into the leather and Tracy got cramp in her thumb trying to grip the pull the needles through the tough leather. I can totally understand why leather and not satin is the choice for bikers... now there’s an image!

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