Sunday, 31 January 2010

Has anyone seen the invisible thread?

Sounds stupid doesn’t it, but we’ve lost it twice this week! I can hear the moans from here… ‘Well duh! It’s invisible thread!’

Twice we’ve ransacked the sewing room. It starts out as a calm look, peeping in all the usual hiding places; on the windowsill, in the ‘stuff’ tray, on the thread boards, in our drawers, but as the search progresses and the list of likely hiding places gets shorter and shorter the searching becomes more hurried and less careful. The diary is slammed on the table; drawers are pulled off their runners and contents spilled onto the floor. Handbags and bins are emptied in case it’s fallen off the worktops and all the while there are 4 of us running into each other, bouncing off one another and all screaming ‘Don’t panic! Don’t panic!’

It sounds melodramatic, but when you have a bride arriving in 15 minutes and you need to sew on the handmade silver ivy leaf clasps, tranquil is not in our dictionary.

We did find it… with minutes to spare, hiding inside the roll of brown tape… on both occasions. And that is now where the invisible thread lives! Woe betide anyone how doesn’t put it back there.