Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Another blog about Whitby...

Another blog about Whitby, but it’s been my primary stimulus for the last few weeks. I’ve been somewhat cut off from the general goings on of Silver Lining as I put every spare minute into getting the Bride and Gloom stall together… with the help of everyone else of course.

Rachel has been immersing herself in Silver Lining and ensuring the work carries on there. Bless her, I know she wants to get all dark and dramatic but she has you guys to think of. At least she has Amy, Denny and Tracy to help her, and it doesn’t stop her wielding her creative genius and delegating tasks to her specification.

We’ve all been devoting some of our time to Bride and Gloom. The last couple of weeks have seen us all with split personalities; by day serene (ahem) seamstresses devoted to Silver Lining Sewing rooms, by night demons (literally) in the work room feverishly preparing for our stall at Whitby Halloween festival.

Tracy creating a brand new range called ‘Kafuffles’. They are absolutely awesome collar/truffle/shrug inventions; each one totally original and drool inducing.

This picture really doesn't do them justice!

Paul, now known as ‘Designer of Doom’ has been busy showing his artistic skills in creating awesome designs for shirts and corsets among other things. Just check out this zombie hand… I need one of those in my life!

And I have been ritualistically burning my fingers on a daily basis to create the most gothic rainbow of hair accessories you have ever seen.

This is just a glimpse of what we have been working towards. It’s close now, just 9 days until we make the journey to Whitby and our stall in the leisure centre.

If you are planning to be in Whitby over Halloween, please come and say hello.
Follow the picture link below to download the program of events for the weekend; there are bands galore, in the main Spa event but also in other venues around town. There are burlesque and comedy performances, masked balls and fancy dress, classic bike and car shows, club nights and of course the massive gothic markets that we are taking part in.

For Silver Lining Sewing Rooms it means a week off the radar. The shop will close its doors on Saturday 24th October and open them again Tuesday the 3rd of November.

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