Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Chiffon Shirker

Yes, I admit it; I’m a chiffon shirker!

I only have to see a roll of chiffon in the corner and I break out in hives. Any other fabric (and I mean ANY other fabric) and I can turn one of Rachel’s fantastic annotated designs into a fully fledged garment, but give me chiffon and my brain turns to mush.

It’s ridiculous really, how something so delicate and floaty can mess with my head. In fact, I think that’s it! Chiffon is a mind altering substance, willing me to do what IT decides rather than conform to design. I must just be particularly susceptible because try as I might I always manage to create something different to what was designed.

No-one else seems to have the same problem. Rachel almost effortlessly cuts into the fabric without any hesitation. The other girls in the shop also seem to have no problems, and so, from this moment on (after a particularly spectacular failure), I vow never to try to tame the beast that is chiffon!

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